When was the idea thought up?
The Hereford Paranormal Database had its domain names purchased in 2006 and activated. Previously you would have visited the HPG site if you had used them. It has always been an intention to have a database record of accounts of the paranormal and stories accessible to the public since then. Photographs and writing for the site began in 2008 and it was launched in 2009. Some photographs have been provided from actual paranormal investigations. We didnt want the site to become live until all the data had been collected and there was a substantial amount for the County. With over 50 accounts and many not published in any format before, it felt the time was right to make the stories available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Village, Town or place I know isnt mentioned?
If you think you know of a story that should be on the website please do get in touch. Much of the success of this website will be due to people becoming involved like many have already. 

Why a database?
We wanted to create a site that was fun, interactive and educational. Although other sites exist that may touch on ghost stories belonging to the county of Herefordshire, there has never been an easy alphabetical list for people to specifically look up a town, city or village. There also has never been a website co-ordinated for paranormal Herefordshire only until now. There is no content on the website dedicated to individuals or a team, its just about the county. This project is for the people of Herefordshire and visitors to the county who want to find out just how haunted the area is in a simple and easy way. But more importantly it is about recording, keeping those records and making them accessible to anyone who has an interest in the subject. People who visit the site can simply scroll to find the specific location they are looking for. As the database grows we will work to make access more user friendly. Who knows but maybe a ley-line type theory could be considered when enough data is collected.


Is this a separate project from Hereford Paranormal Group?

Absolutely! As already mentioned, you will not find any reference to any team or individual on this site other than a possible link or thank you for their assistance. This site is about Paranormal Herefordshire only. The work of the long established professional group (HPG) has been of great assistance to the database. It will also ensure that it is maintained and updated regularly with new accounts and stories if relevant to Herefordshire. We do recommend you visit the Hereford Paranormal Group website and any others associated with the paranormal subject.