100s of locations throughout the UK have been explored by the HPG investigators.  Some may remember we used to list all of the locations investigated by the HPG on this page. But if we are completely honest, the list became far  too large for the web layout we use. Maybe as we change the layout in the future the list will return. Therefore, for now,  we thought it would be more beneficial to list the types of properties the HPG have investigated.

Private Homes, Public Houses & Inns,  Hotels, Castles, Hospitals, Museums, Theatres, Medical Centres, Public Sector Premises, Educational Establishments, Caves, Outdoor Areas, Farms, Factories

The HPG are often the first paranormal team to investigate the infamous properties in the area. Sometimes this has also paved the way for other teams to visit and explore and now hold regular ghost hunting events.  We are also privileged enough to be the only paranormal team trusted to investigate some of the most  historic locations with the county. Places like Hergest Court, Hampton Court and Holme Lacy House are just a few of the humbling locations we are able to explore in depth with a full investigation. We also have conducted public investigations to raise money for charity. For example, our very first investigation at the Shire Hall was to raise money for a good cause and invited people who were happy to raise money for the public event through sponsorship. This is just one of many examples available.  The HPG work on a not-for-profit basis. 

As you can see the original investigations page was running out of space in 2012 

The HPG have also investigated locations outside the county. Some of these occasions have occured when another local team has invited us to work with them, or because the property has such a worthy reputation of investigation. These types of properies include; The Ancient Ram, The Skirrid Inn, The Savoy Theatre (Wales' Oldest Theatre), Woodchester Mansion , The Falstaff Experience, Pendle HIll and many others. 


If you do want to know if we have investigated a specific property in the past, or are responsible for a property you would like to be investigated for free, please do contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.