The Hereford Paranormal Group is a non-profit group of dedicated individuals interested in exploring claimed paranormal activity. The Team includes those who have experience in their individual areas and those who are just enthusiastic to learn and explore the subject. The regular team consists of  "believers" and also open minded skeptics to ensure there is a balance of theories. 


In the years we have been investigating we have adapted and learnt. We have never received a complaint from the owners and managers of the properties we have been involved with and we take great pride that most invite us to return. Many have become great friends.


If you are looking for Hereford's most comprehensive and interactive website telling you the Ghost Stories associated with the County, Click Here.


We are looking forward to the many years ahead, as we continue to explore the paranormal subject in Herefordshire and the surrounding areas. 

The HPG - Hereford Pararnormal Group

"The County has certainly been placed on the paranormal map since the Hereford Paranormal Group began investigating sightings and reports back in 2006."


The Hereford Journal.