Get Involved 



Suggest An Investigation

Do you own, manage or work at a location that you think is worthy of an investigation? If so, then do get in touch. We offer the opportunity to keep your location anonymous. Although there has been no damages to-date, we also we offer our own Public Liability insurance so you wont have to worry about damages to us, your property or belongings.  



We have a facebook group so why dont you join in the discussions and introduce yourself?


Submit A Story

Along with our sister site The Haunted Hereford Paranormal Database and Hereford Ghosts, we offer the most comprehensive website of paranormal tales throughout Herefordshire. The website is designed to be interactive and suitable for all ages. If you have a story about a location or experience we would love to here from you.  We could end up putting your story on all sites. 


Charitable Events

Since 2006, we have always undertaken at least one charity event each year. 

This has ranged from sponsored events, charity Ghost Walks and even bungee jumping. 

If you work for a charity or would like to be involved in a charity event please do contact us.


Share Your Pictures

We love receiving your pictures. Maybe you have captured something you cannot explain. 

Visit our page that discusses possible "Orb Phenomena".


Join Us On An Investigation

We have always, where possible had other enthusiasts working with our regular team.  

We receive regularly weekly email requests from people wanting to join us. 


But the main thing that dictates how many can be on an investigation is the size of the location itself or owners/managers requests. So the fairest way to ensure that guests can be involved is through our reserve team membership. 


It is really is the simple case of you joining our reserve team and if a place is available a name is placed in a hat and you will be asked if you want a position on the investigation if your name is drawn. That simple. This has worked with us for years and continues to be the best way of ensuring that people get involved where possible. Occasionally too we do have larger projects on the go and you could find that there is no limit to the number involved. Keep checking the website for details on this.